Vocation Rehabilitation Bespoke Services

How can our Vocational Rehabilitation Bespoke Services from VOCA-VR help you? 

At VOCA-VR we recognise the importance of having Wellbeing and absence management services that are unique to your industry. We offer a free consultation to businesses to help assess your needs and tailor service packages that have a direct, positive impact on the physical and mental health and wellbeing of your staff and therefore your company.

We proudly offer a wide-range of vocational rehabilitation services that can be used to build an effective, responsive and personalised wellbeing platform for your company. We only recommend services to our clients that are essential for the workplace and actively respond to your needs. Our bespoke services are regularly assessed by one of our consultants. We understand that your service requirements may change over time, so you will need a responsive vocational rehabilitation provider that continually works with you to implement the best options for you. Our bespoke packages are innovative and adaptable, and can be tailored as and when service developments are required. All of our services are provided by professionally qualified .professionals so that you continually receive VOCA-VR’s highest standard of interventions.

Our bespoke services act independently and can be arranged to form a unique package.

Some of our services include:

  • Psychological interventions to support managers and employees in work
  • VOCA-VR’s responsive Employee Assistance Programme
  • Active Absence Management and Audit
  • Dedicated telephone support by a qualified psychotherapeutic counsellors
  • Face to Face counselling
  • Responsive Occupational Therapist for advice and workplace adaptions
  • Dedicated and confidential e-mail support for employers and employees
  • Work related issues and in-work support, enabling staff and employers deal more effectively with work challenges, such as stress, workplace bullying, difficult behaviours in the workplace or harassment. We look to establish a health work/life balance whilst promoting productivity, confidence and assertiveness.
  • 24 hour crisis support

Visit our employer services for more options, or why not call one of our consultants for a free consultation.

At VOCA-VR we are passionate about supporting employees and employers and all of our services are very competitively priced, you will be surprised how little a health and wellbeing strategy within the workplace will cost. Invest in people and call us to make that change.