Mission Statement

We are a Professionally Qualified team, who feel passionate about the physical mental and social value of work to individuals who are managing a health condition. We work with Insurers, Employers, Solicitors and other interested parties to provide cost effective practical vocational rehabilitation services to those people who are experiencing difficulties maintaining or gaining employment. Our aim is to encourage the empowerment of vulnerable individuals, in the belief that this leads to enhanced personal happiness, fulfillment and improved quality of life

“Most people with common health care problems can be helped to return to work by following a few basic principles of healthcare and workplace management



We are able to offer cost effective practical solutions to employment difficulties

This is not just a matter for healthcare alone. It requires a combination of health and workplace interventions as well as liaison with other agencies. VOCA-VR offers a comprehensive range of services and case management for each referral. We facilitate the client’s journey from sickness to health and our mission is to achieve sustained workplace satisfaction.

“Evidence suggests that early vocational rehabilitation interventions to manage sickness absence can be significantly cost effective for business”.

We at VOCA-VR would like to be able to offer our vocational rehabilitation services to you at the earliest possible opportunity, so please contact us to let us know your requirements.

Ask to speak to one of our director Jane Butcher on 01603 227856 or Email us on atenquiries@voca-vr.co.uk.

We are Qualified Professionals:

At VOCA-VR our expertise includes healthcare experience, occupational therapy expertise, as well as professional advice and Counselling

With a comprehensive range of interventions which includes a range of assessments followed by tailored recommendations. We offer practical solutions to individual problems, and this could also include some CBT strategies to address some of the psychological barriers preventing the client from moving forward. We look at improving motivation, health condition management, as well as helping with access to, and sustaining employment. This is how we can help you!

Download our brochure and Contact us to discuss your individual requirements 01603 227856 or e-mail enquiries@voca-vr.co.uk

We are goal directed, and work through the process of change with the participation and motivation of the individual. We encourage a multidisciplinary approach and so engage with and are supported by the workplace and other professionals.

What we do not do:

Offer medical treatment. We do not offer pathological treatment interventions such as medication. However, we are able to liaise with other health professionals if required.

How do we work? – Types of intervention

After receiving a client referral, we contact the individual within 10 days and arrange to complete an individually tailored assessment at a time convenient to them. During this 90 minute session our professional advisers work collaboratively with them to identify the client’s health status and identify actual, or perceived obstacles to employment. Following this assessment we complete a detailed report which will include recommendations for further support if required. We can then offer such support services, or flag up any available outside agencies if relevant. We offer to work with all parties including clients, employers, healthcare and other agencies to achieve resolution. Our aim is to achieve satisfactory and cost effective interventions which result in sustained employment outcomes and thus improved quality of life for the individual. We will provide a full report within 21 days of referral. No further action will be taken until we hear from the referrer. If further interventions are required we undertake to maintain contact with the referrer, keep them up to date with progress