Services for Claimant Solicitors

At VOCA-VR we understand that solicitors want to accomplish a fully supported and successful return to work for their clients. VOCA-VR is passionate about fully supporting clients back to employment in line with their skills and abilities, in accordance with medical approval. Our services fully subscribes to the Rehabilitation Code of Best Practice. We actively work together with claimant solicitors to provide high quality and personalised vocational services.

  • Continually look for return to work outcomes, with an individual service. We strive to provide practical solutions to support claimants with their return to a meaningful and sustainable employment
  • Use trusted training network to source the right training for your client, if needed, to be retrained due to their sustained functional restrictions and aspirations on returning to employment.
  • VOCA-VR goal is to focus on sustainable work outcomes utilising our client-centred and personalised services to help claimants return to meaningful employment or other meaningful occupation.  At VOCA-VR we focus on strengths and abilities and are passionate about the individuals we work with.
  • We believe in positive and excellent working relationships, which mean we keep all parties informed and up to date with the progress of their clients. We keep all parties up to date with clear, comprehensive and concise reports.
  • VOCA-VR works directly with referrals or optionally we collaborate with Case Managers to support your client back to pre-injury or ill health employment or alternative occupation.

Services we offer:

  • All of our services are offered at a fixed price, to help you plan and cost your client’s needs. Only our team of experienced and qualified health professions who adhere to strict codes of conduct undertake the services that we offer, to ensure that the interventions we provide are effective and evidence-based, with a goal to return to work.
  • VOCA-VR offers professional vocational services, including comprehensive vocational assessments, job searching services, health reports with realistic and fully costed recommendations to guide your claimants back to work.  .
  • VOCA-VR offers professional vocational services, including comprehensive vocational assessments, job searching services, health reports with realistic and fully costed recommendations to guide your claimants back to work.

Vocational Assessment

The vocational assessment is completed by an appropriately qualified health professional; as we believe these health professionals fully understand the link between health function and employment. A vocational assessment can be carried out either telephonically or face to face, dependent upon the insurer and claimants needs. We liaise with treating professionals and all parties involved to produce a comprehensive report on the claimants current functioning capacity and vocational capacity. VOCA-VR provides recommendations and sample employment vacancies  particularly relevant to the clients requirements 

Telephone Health Assessment

Our independent telephone service consists of a 2 hour ‘bio-psycho-social’ assessment arranged with the claimant to identify the claimant’s current health, functional status and barriers to returning to work. A comprehensive report is produced with suggested recommendations following best practice and clinical guidelines. Our assessment is conducted by a registered and experiences health professionals with experience in managing health conditions and vocational rehabilitation. All our recommendations are time bound and individually geared, to help the claimant return to employment.

We cover:

  • Current health issues – symptoms and treatment
  • Educational, training history and employment skills
  • Social circumstance and history
  • Functional capacity
  • Psychological and physical status
  • Treating professionals
  • Identifying barriers to employment
  • Recommendations, including locally funded support where available 

 Job Searching Service

Our innovative job searching services is carried out by vocational experts with a goal orientated and focused approach to job searching. This is a practical and supported evidence-based service that promotes motivation to employment. Our consultants will regularly provide feedback and progress to all partied involved, as we believe this is good practice. Our service is personalised and tailored to all of the parties requirements.

Individuals receive:
–              One-to-one support by one of our vocational consultants to help source and support claimant’s back in to the workplace. We help with CV preparation, preparing job applications, guidance, emotional support and preparation for interviews. We understand that job searching can be stressful, so we are here to support your client every step of the journey and actively help to increase confidence and self-esteem.

–              Our job searching service is goal focused and fully supported to guide claimants every step of the way. Our goals utilise S.M.A.R.T goal setting to achieve success. We provide support via e-mail, telephone and writing (face to face support when required) to ensure that our relationship with clients are meaningful. Once employment is secured, we can also provide advice on reasonable adjustments to employers and employees to support the client in the workplace. VOCA-VR believes that every individual has the right to work and be successfully supported in work; we value client’s abilities. 

Case Management

We provide individualised, active case management of claimant’s who may need ‘light-touch’ support to overcome barriers to employment, or help manage their health condition and improve function. We continually update the insurer by telephone, or preferred means of contact to discuss the progress of claimants and offer further advice and support. These may include:

  1. Mood management
  2. Managing illness or disability
  3. Stress management
  4. Anxiety management
  5. Adapting to change
  6. Managing function and adapting activities, such as pacing
  7. Low confidence and self-esteem
  8. Anger management
  9. Bereavement
  10. Critical Incident crisis debriefing