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Workplace Health makes sense!

At VOCA-VR we recognise the importance of health and wellbeing in the workplace, for a productive and thriving workforce. In response to this and through consultation of Government guidance, we proudly offer a wide range of employer services to promote, monitor and implement health and wellbeing in the workplace, using high standards of clinical intervention and effectiveness.

Psychosocial work place stress factors can range from:

  • Excessively demanding work and/or not enough time to complete tasks.
  • Conflicting demands and lack of clarity over the workers role.
  • Working alone, especially when dealing with members of the public and clients.
  • A lack of support from management and colleagues, creating poor interpersonal relationships.
  • An unjust distribution of work, rewards, promotions or career opportunities.
  • Difficulties in combining commitments at work and at home.

VOCA-VR provides a dynamic clinical workforce to support employers with integrating health and wellbeing within the workplace. We do not promote a ‘one box fits all’ approach to employer wellbeing, but assess an employer’s needs through a holistic consultation, to ensure that what we do is unique and effective to each client that we work with. At VOCA-VR we pride ourselves on personalised services with a genuine desire to enable employers and employees to flourish – we are here by your side.

If you are looking to actively manage wellbeing within the workplace, or would like to use our services to manage a current health of staff, we are here to support you through our personalised and competitive services delivered by highly qualified and experienced consultants.

Well-being Management:

We Offer A Full Employee Assistance Programme:

  • Dedicated telephone support by a qualified psychotherapeutic counsellor
  • Face to Face counselling
  • Dedicated and confidential e-mail support for employer’s and employees
  • Supporting Management within the workplace
  • Light-touch support, as and when you need our help to keep your staff on track
  • Crisis Management or Incident Support
  • Guidance and Advice
  • Health and Wellbeing at work portal, tailored to employers needs.

Absence Management

  • Individualised Case Management
  • Absence management – let us help put strategies in place to reduce absence
  • Work related issues and in-work support, enabling staff and employers deal more effectively with work challenges, such as stress, workplace bullying, difficult behaviours in the workplace or harassment. We look to establish a healthy work/life balance whilst promoting productivity, confidence and assertiveness.

Health and Wellbeing and Diversity Management Services

  • Physical and Mental Health Awareness Sessions
  • Actively reducing stress within the workplace
  • Enhancing communication
  • Mood Management
  • Managing illness and disability
  • Stress, anxiety and workload management
  • Bespoke and tailored services to meet your needs
  • Team building exercises and events
  • Managing low confidence and self-esteem
  • Managing Change
  • Bereavement
  • Wellness Management
  • Recognising and Managing mental ill health in the workplace

Ad hoc and Consultancy Services

  • Mediation and representation
  • Case Management
  • VOCA support – counselling
  • Support and crisis management
  • Work Access and access issues by a qualified Occupational Therapist
  • Ergonomics
  • Worksite Assessments
  • Career counselling and advice
  • Job analysis and job modification
  • Work rehabilitation
  • Use and development of work skills
  • Advice on current legislation within the workplace

Workplace Mediation

  • Resolve disputes before they escalate.
  • Don’t let grievances harm your productivity
  • Make your workplace a happier environment
  • Retain your valuable staff
  • Save money


Benefits for employers

Workplace disputes can not only be financially damaging for organisations but have an adverse effect on staff morale and productivity.  Lost time due to forced sickness absence, the cost and aggravation of invoking disciplinary or grievance procedures are all things that firms can do without.  Adversarial ‘solutions’ do not make inter-staff and staff-manager problems go away, someone has to lose in order that the other can be victorious.  Bad feelings and resentment will remain unresolved possibly to spill over at a later date.

Mediation can be:

  • A relatively cost efficient solution;
  • Avoids prolonged internal disputes;
  • Prevents disputes escalating to Employment Tribunal;
  • Can be undertaken relatively quickly;
  • Reduces workplace absence;
  • Gets staff back to work quicker than other methods.

Benefits for employees

Most grievances escalate because people feel that their concerns and emotions are not being heard or taken seriously.  Stress will often result in staff taking prolonged sick leave and even quitting their employment.   Miscommunication or merely a simple lack of understanding can trigger long term and harmful workplace conflicts.  If Mediation is offered as a solution staff will appreciate:

  • That the session is entirely confidential;
  • It is facilitated by someone separate from the organisation and impartial;
  • That the mediator will maintain strict boundaries of mutual respect;
  • They can get their problems resolved that day;
  • They agree the solutions, not those imposed by a third party.

In Summary

Mediation is a solution whereby both parties get the opportunity to air their issues and feelings in a non-critical safe environment to reach a mutual set of agreements that only they can draft and confirm.  The aim is for them both to close the meeting with the feeling that they have both succeeded so that the solution is both owned and controlled by them and thereby should be long lasting.  According to CIPD, the success rate is over 80%.

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